Mystery Work In Progress

October 28, 2006 - posted in work in progress

I’m working on a cartoon! God help us all.

I thought of this idea years ago, and it has evolved a lot during the writing process. I can’t really describe it, but it has something to do with making a living. (The subject of the short is making a living– no actual living will likely be made by me from the short).

As I go I’ll post bits and pieces here, and at the Mystery Work In Progress page. Years from now, reading this log will be like going on an archeological excavation through sedimentary layers of creative detritus. (fitting, as this project is unfolding on a geological time scale)

Here are some of the very first thumbnail sketches made for this project. Crude! Crass!

Work In Progress - sketch 1



What’s the cartoon called?

I have to wait until it’s almost done before I can be sure. I have a likely title, but it could change.

What’s the story about?

Making a living.

May contain one or more of the following:

– satellites
– private moments
– burning at the stake
– birds, dead and alive (also, owls & wild dogs)
– fluorescent lighting
– farmers “doing it”
– the water
– fear, boredom, transcendence, hypocrisy

As usual, almost all sketches are done on lined notebook paper, using my drawing tool of choice: the Sanford Uni-Ball Onyx Micro rollerball pen. A glorious instrument.

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