Ideas for Backgrounds

December 1, 2006 - posted in work in progress

I was messing with some backgrounds for the new short. Here are some beginnings of ideas.

I like the idea of sort of finding small things that resemble bigger things. Maybe it can make the environments look more like they just exist, rather than having been drawn by anyone… The pictures you get at the end of a roll of film have that weird film-end thing from light leaks. If you zoom in really close, it can look like a horizon or a sky.

Then you mess with the color and combine them with other things, like torn paper, concrete, and ink-soaked blotter paper…

…and you start to get things that look like weird landscapes. They look like maybe they were discovered, as opposed to created. I’ve got a long way to go to figure out how this all fits together, but these have potential I think:



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