Green Screen Movie Magic

April 18, 2007 - posted in work in progress

Last night I put Post-It Note tabs on my fingers and waved my hand in front of a video camera for a few seconds. Why did I do this? Don’t worry your pretty little head about it. It’s all part of my patented Cargo Cult animation process.

This has nothing to do with the cartoon, but I noticed in the background of my weird little green screen experiment, you can see a hilarious NYT Style Magazine spread on my desk. On the left is an article called Starved to Perfection: Why Are We Not Entitled to Take Up Space? which documents the horrible images many women have of their bodies and the obsession with looking thinner at all costs. Fair enough.

On the page facing the article is an ad for Tummy Tuck Jeans shrieking:


This is obviously a subject NYT Style takes very seriously. And as you can imagine, it really got me thinking about how fat and disgusting my hand looks in this video! God! It’s so fat and ugly! My finger is, like, bulging out around my ring! God!

I’m putting my hand on a lettuce and cigarette diet until it’s pretty again.

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