A Mystery Work in Progress and Its Hideous Spawn

April 21, 2007 - posted in work in progress

The 8 or 10 of you who read this production log have no doubt been wondering, “Where has Chris been lately? Has he fallen ill? Joined the Army? Gone to prison? Has he killed again?! Oh, dear. We should have kept a closer eye on him!”

It’s a funny thing, life. The last post I made here was about how I burned out on comic strips at the age of 23, and have never looked back.

Well, in putting that post together, I was forced to look back. And with ten years’ distance, I actually kind of liked what I saw.

Long story short, I’ve been experimenting with something new.

I might be announcing this new thing in about a month. It takes a different approach to the same material I’ve already been dealing with in the Mystery Work In Progress. Work on the short will continue too. But the story and its characters have become too big for one short, and have splintered into two projects– one animated, and one NOT ANIMATED! What?! Yes.

I feel very weird and unsure about all this. These past couple of months have been a hell of a bizarre trip, with flashbacks and strange feelings of being young again, even though I can’t stay up past 9:30 anymore. But I’m following my gut, and that’s never failed me before! (oh, wait…)

Stay tuned!

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