Vampires’ Union

November 30, 2011 - posted in sundries

I’ve always been the sort who’s more awake at night than in the day.
I do try to get up and work among the decent, respectable people.
But it is unnatural, and I fail daily
to override the circadian rhythms which have been hard-wired into me.

It’s difficult to have a nocturnal orientation around these parts.
I sense a proud agricultural/industrial work-ethic.
And “Early to bed and early to rise” is a fine way of life,
but does it follow (screw Ben Franklin)
that working late into the night and then struggling,
with your eye-bags and cowlicks,
to join the living at sunrise
should inherently be counted as sloth?

What difference does it make nowadays,
with the illumination available from our modern electrical light-bulbs,
what time of day a man chooses to work?

But night owls have always been seen as deviant; possibly immoral.
Alas, even the stuffier poets have been slow to accept our ways,
as we see with Rillsbrook:

Who flower ‘neath a different Sun;
A cold and pale and ferrous One

But, Rillsbrook, you idiot!
Are we insomniacs not human, just like you?!
Do we not hope and dream?
Do we not love our children?
Of course
would if we weren’t so damned tired.

Maybe we should organize,
we creatures of the night,
and show them what we’re made of!
Maybe form a Vampires’ Union
and lobby for siesta rights!

Who’s in?*


*No meetings! I don’t want to meet any of you creepy-ass, milky-eyed weirdos!

Poet name “Rillsbrook” comes from Scott Emmons’ poet name generator.

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