The Realities

November 28, 2012 - posted in sundries

In passing I saw a brochure titled “The Realities of the Party Space.”
What could that mean?! Anyway, it would be a good phrasing for all kinds of brochures and manuals.

The Realities of Your Employee Benefits
The Realities of Your New Toro 20199 Timemaster 30″ Personal Pace Lawn Mower
The Realities of The Joy of Cooking
The Realities of Sea Monkeys

Here is a branch in the terrifying darkness of night:

Hang Loose Till the End of the World

March 14, 2012 - posted in sundries

Here’s a little surfing doodle to celebrate spring break. (click for full size)

Dispatch from HQ: Free Association Style

March 2, 2012 - posted in sundries, work in progress

Working late. Making pictures. Roughing things in. Punch drunk. Drunk drunk. Ding Ding. Go Queen Underwood, go!
Olympic boxing, Eastern Philosophy, Western medicine, Swedish vodka, Crayola markers, and Thich Nhat Hanh won’t stop talking.
Tomorrow: Sound effects, + clean off desk



February 20, 2012 - posted in sundries

Here are pictures of various amounts of visual tension for some reason.

I Was Walking Between Two Madwomen

February 8, 2012 - posted in sundries

If you work where I work– that is, in a giant complex– you sometimes walk through a long concrete hallway to get in or out of the place.

And Friday, as I’m leaving, I end up between two women who are walking probably 25 feet apart from one another down this hallway. And picture that I’m just exactly halfway between them. Each of them is talking on her cell phone, and I can hear both conversations equally well (that is, poorly). One of the women has an earpiece, or an implant, or was perhaps not on the phone at all. Both are loud but unintelligible. Plus: I have (disclosing this only because it’s relevant) just finished reading a chapter of Infinite Jest on the toilet. (try not to picture) Not to mention: I’ve taken a fair amount of Advil Cold & Sinus that day.

So I’m here to report (for your information??) that the effect of hearing two simultaneous, gibberish phone conversations echoing around a concrete hallway with a head full of David Foster Wallace and pseudoephedrine is as close as I would like to come to experiencing a schizophrenic hallucination. A nice little taste of madness to end what was already a pretty loony week.

Once home, it was pizza and Two-Buck Chuck, neither of which made me feel even temporarily insane.

Sometimes an Octopus Will Show Up in the Work

January 8, 2012 - posted in sundries

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