For a while back in the olden days, I was working with my pals Chad Strawderman and Jeff Barfoot on an idea for a tv show called Robot Family.

The earliest vision for the show involved a family of robots who spouted deep, passionate, emotional dialog in ultra-mechanical, monotone voices. After laughing for about five minutes, we realized we would need to tone down the robotic qualities of the characters. (the same way you wouldn't have a cat character meowing every line unless you want your audience to hate your guts)

We did a lot of sketches and development, but it never quite came to fruition as a show. (though the project obviously had huge influence on my comic strip We The Robots)

Below is the only piece I contributed to the effort that came close to feeling finished. (Chad Strawderman's voice for the salesman character is really one of the only redeeming qualities.)
For whatever reason, this short ended up screening in a few film festivals, including the one Nicktoons hosts up in that channel.

Robot Family
Episode 00a: " The Slick Salesman"

TRT 2:01
© 2001, Goldhouse Creative
(Chris Harding, Chad Strawderman, Jeff Barfoot)





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